Mutiny Distribution is the world's first alcohol distributor to focus exclusively on the mead category, both session (draft) and traditional styles.

Not only is mead the oldest known fermented beverage, it also happens to be the most broad and diverse. It differs from other categories in that the principal provenance of alcohol comes from honey.

Comprised of a rowdy group of freedom fighters, Mutiny is the juncture in which the articulation of craftsmanship and the voice of the shelves coalesce. With the French Revolution as inspiration, Mutiny intends to shepherd a coup d’état within the craft beverage market and bring this storied libation to the masses.

For those that have always felt the commodity laden alcohol industry has to have more to offer, recognize the healthy characteristics and positive environmental impact of mead, or are simply seeking something novel and avant-garde, this is your category.

At Mutiny, we're not storming the Bastille, we're storming the bar.

Join us.